Long Short

Why invest in the TradeWind Equity Fund

  • If you are not willing to rely solely on rising markets
  • If you prefer a good night rest in hazardious markets
  • If you prefer capital preservation over beating an index
  • If you prefer a lower risk profile than general equity investing
  • If you want to enhance the total risk/reward profile of your investment profile
  • Who is in need of a 100% dedicated manager with aligned interests

The Tradewind Equity Fund is a long short hedge fund with a market neutral bias. The net exposure varies between -100% and 100% percent, with the median of 0%. The fund has outperformed the Eurostoxx Total Return Index by 40% since inception, and was twice voted best in Europe. The Fund has the core of its portfolio within the European universe. The Netherlands plays an important role. The fund is all-cap, unhampered by country, sector or capitalization. The fund is distinguished by a high content of active positions at the short side. In the past, this has proven to add significant extra alpha when time comes. The portfolio is concentrated, though individual positions may not exceed 15% exposure. In practice, the fund has on average 25 long positions and 15% short positions.

Then the Investment Clock is used to measure in which stage and trend of the economic cycle we are, to determine the sector preferences. Positions are picked on fundamental and criteria such profit development, whereas valuation is a merely used as risk indicator. Positions are dynamic in size depending on the performance development, risk budget, draw down and stoploss critria, allowing to reduce loss-making positions quickly and let profits run.

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