Long Only

Why invest in TradeWinds Equity Long Only

  • If you demand significant added value over index investing
  • If you are in the need for a real active equity exposure in addition to your passive investment
  • If you think sound returns are much more valuable than index closetting.

The Tradewind Long Only Equity Share Class is a separate class of shares entitled to the performance of long side of the Tradewind Equity Fund. Only stocks with proper risk/reward profiles are selected regardless of horizon or benchmark weights. Which, seen the trackrecord, provide ample positive, and highly better returns than index investing.

The Fund has complete freedom in investment participation. In practice this varies between 65% and 135%. The Fund invest its core in Europe. The Netherlands play an important role. Liquidity and volatility of underlying shares are taken into account in order to respond dynamically to changing market conditions. The manner of risk management is described above under the Tradewind Equity Fund. Since inception in 2007 this portfolio returned more three times the index return, 180%,  whereas the European index returned 60 % including all dividends.

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